Birds of a Feather

Once a farmer had many fields He ploughed hard and got large yields His heart danced when his crop he glanced. But his heart missed beats When he saw wings and beaks Break into his lands He held his head in hands. He knit his brow and brought a scarecrow In vain, he complained To … Continue reading Birds of a Feather

Evening Star – By Edgar Allan Poe

The "Evening Star" by Edgar Allan Poe, is a beautiful poem that describes the evening star in the distant sky that shines amidst the dark clouds on cold nights, making the poet enjoy its beauty and admire it from the distant land.

India – The Land of Beauty

A land of beauty, divinity, and diversity, India, is known for its picturesque landscape and its cultural heritage. A land where godliness and humanity are unified to make a harmonious existence, the poet Sowmya Garimella, describes Mother India as the most elegant one in the whole wide universe.